dyrdf zt666 tnfn5 ysiik kyn34 hyyez 3ifen n48hz 4599e 5yzb6 8nrkd ez345 isbsz s7kne 8e88e b3334 y2e9a iez98 nhns4 98zkk 5is3f Should the Rochdale grooming gang members be deported? |

Should the Rochdale grooming gang members be deported?

2021.09.16 19:47 Sapphire-Hearts Should the Rochdale grooming gang members be deported?

I don't care about their dual citizenship status, they should be deported for their heinous crimes.
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2021.09.16 19:47 Rolf_Dom The Four P's of Modern Wealth Management: A Proven And Simple Process To Preserve Your Wealth In Retirement - FREE until September 17th

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2021.09.16 19:47 Bitlife73628 Quem gosta de Bitlife?

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2021.09.16 19:47 PlentyNothings Cozied up for the season? If u are shopping, these offers are a saving grace || Upto a 17% off || "YESSTYLE" or "DRDRAY" or "KWIJEU4" + rewardscode "JAZA4793"

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2021.09.16 19:47 Artisherz How to switch between two digital potentiometers with single encoders SPST switch?

Is there a way how I could switch between two single digital potentiometers (U/D interface) with one encoder via SPST switch? If those encoder would have SPDT switches, I could wire it to the Chip Select (CS) pins and everything would be up and running (at least I think so :D ). The goal is to switch between pots by pushing encoder. But unfortunately only switching available on them are momentary SPST.
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2021.09.16 19:47 morning_moods Elephant drawing practice.

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2021.09.16 19:47 Little-Nickyyy fails to transfer ether to coinbase

so when im trying to send my eth from moonlet to coinbase i keep getting transaction has failed. but according etherscan.io the first transaction was succesful 5 days ago wtf
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2021.09.16 19:47 adi-son Day 3 Update no longer listening to Rap until Kendrick Drops

I went through an added EVERY song or artist or album that was commented at around 170 comments at like 3 AM, finished around 4:45 AM. The Playlist is 551 songs, 39:08:00 long an I’m excited to listen to it all. Sorry ian add all songs cause comments jus kept comin in an if you recommended a artist I only added 1-2 song from they most popular an for every time another person mentioned em I’d add one more song by em. If you mentioned jus a album I added the three most popular songs off the album. An if you recommended a specific song I added it no matter what. See y’all inna week w what I think bout it all:)
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2021.09.16 19:47 s168501 cannot understand higher order functions... what is going on here? example .reduce{}

I have such code:
fun main() { var array = arrayOf(1,2,3,5,8) val result1 = array.reduce{acc,i -> i} val result2 = array.reduce{acc,i -> acc} val result3 = array.reduce{acc,i-> i*i} val result4 = array.reduce{acc,i-> i+i} val result5 = array.reduce{acc,i-> acc+acc} val result6 = array.reduce{acc,i-> acc*acc} println(result1) println(result2) println(result3) println(result4) println(result5) println(result6) }
I don't understand these values. Can you provide me any explanation/ tutorial in which I can really get this?
My output: 8
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2021.09.16 19:47 carebare2 Antivaxxers in idaho have caused so many covid hospitalisation that they are now turning away patients

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2021.09.16 19:47 mangstachan I was duped into filing insurance by a plumber from Thumbtack.

Don't be like me, guys. All I can say is don't trust Thumbtack, y'all. It started because there was a leakage in the house and a loud noise whenever the water is running. So I hired a plumber from Thumbtack and it turned into a nightmare. As of today, I still am not able to use our bathroom for more than a few months now.
Thumbtack may flash that Service Guarantee email promising you will get your money back, but when things go wrong, all they say is "We're just a third party, yo" leaving you out of thousand dollars from your saving.
Anyways, I hired this plumper. He inspected the house, and he told me that he can look into the plumping system and assured me that he can fix it. All I need to do is fill it with my home insurance and then the home insurance will pay to have everything removed in my bathroom, and then he can take a look from them.
To get it started, I just had to pay a $1,000 deductible with my home insurance. He then brought another company to open everything in the bathroom. Once everything opened, the plumper came back and took a lot, and then made 180 turns and said oh well, it seems like we can't do much about the leakage and the noise. He left without sending me any plumping report.
Like I mentioned earlier, Thumbtack turned their eyes the other way saying "we're just a third party, yo." and they said because I paid directly to the insurance, and other companies, so they couldn't hold the plumber accountable.
So don't be like me trusting them, and then ended up on Reddit posting. I only hope my lessons can bring awareness to others.
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2021.09.16 19:47 XoXoxFarhan That was ...?

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2021.09.16 19:47 dundermifflinit3 My yorkie has been sitting like this in cars since he was a puppy

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2021.09.16 19:47 Bounce80 Surface find from last weekend made from a big flake beautiful material

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2021.09.16 19:47 -l0_0I- Happy birthday, Kairos!

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2021.09.16 19:47 Akame001 Codeina

Hola soy de argentina y me gustaría saber donde conseguir codeina soy un poco nuevo en esto pero la probe en una fiesta y me gustaría volver a consumirla. En fin me podrian dar consejos de donde conseguirla?
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2021.09.16 19:47 nivnaj Prank War Champion! 🏆🤣

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2021.09.16 19:47 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (TRAFFIC) PARADISE RD / E BELL DR 9/16/2021 10:29:18 AM incident #LLV210900067990
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2021.09.16 19:47 JenJenB_ I have a nana cat

I have an adoptive grandmother from Switzerland who gives me head pats sometimes and bites my wrists and ankles at other times.
Best part? She's also a cat.
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2021.09.16 19:47 minimotres h: je break slower fixer w: same gun AA B Q V

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2021.09.16 19:47 ShikariBhaiya Do you guys get anxious that you might be fired this week because you slacked for the past couple of days?

It is easy to slack when on WFH. I had my GRE last week and TOEFL this week, so I have sort of neglecting work a bit. More I neglect more anxious I get for my exams and for my work. I can shake this feeling that I might get laid, so I started applied to 2-3 companies through LinkedIn and getting rejected by auto mailer bot didn't help. Need tips on how to get over this fear of firing? I am 23M, been working since last year ( so no physical office for me yet)
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2021.09.16 19:47 Youea2 ayo- what?!!! this is for every first vid

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2021.09.16 19:47 dead202 CATLATERAL DAMAGE: REMEOWSTERED Gameplay

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2021.09.16 19:47 froglegs317 God I hope Toxin is an alternate symbiote suit

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