Chapter 3

2021.09.16 21:30 ILoveMyEbony_YBM23 Chapter 3

Act 1 Believe in myself Tails is only 6 years old but the way things are looking he will only ever be 6 years old, sally picks up tails and screams out”DAD,START THE EXTREME GEAR!” She picks up tails and slings him over her shoulder, she runs to her dads bike “Sally” max says “slowdown where would we even take him we don’t even have a home ourselves, our best bet is to lay him down to rest” “Dad he just a little fox!” Sally hops on her gear with tails and zooms towrds the sky,her prototype gear creating smoke the size of clouds as she boosts into the atmosphere with her dad far behind, her father doesn’t know it but sally is turning to the only friend she has, knuckles the echidna. The sun is setting, the clouds thin and stretched as the moon and stars comes into view, the orange sky adds a calm vibe to a desperate situation. Sally arrives at angel island and almost chokes in her own tears as tails breathing slows to an almost complete stop, “KNUCKLES HE-“ knuckles tunnels from underground right in front of sally, “sally?” Knuckles asks “what is it and who is this” “This is tails” sally cries, her tears now clouding her vision, “he needs medical attention please knuckles what should I do” “knuckles remembers the his training in use of the master emerald, “give him to me and wait here” knuckles says taking tails and flying off, the moonlight shines against he strong red dreadlocks the wind breezing through them, tails drifting in and out of reality, his arm scabbed over and dirty, “there’s no saving this...unless I make him a new arm” he arrives at a field, flocks of chao and angel chao sleep under the moonlight next to a lake that spills over the edge,but refills by a nearby fountain, by this fountain sits a watchful chaos, he walks up to knux, “I need to get in chao” asks knux “please allow me to’s for the fox” the liquid like entity swims into the lake, mixing into the water, splits a path revealing a passage below the waters surface, knuckles takes tails into the dark chamber.
Act 2 Nyx and Kako When the universe was first created it was only one prime universe, named the chaos force and in it lived many different types of beings all of them made up of chaos energy it’s self all with a proper balance of negative and positive energy, expect two beings one named Nyx who had more positive energy, and Kako who wielded negative, the universe soon held so much energy it split into a multiverse, Nyx and Kako created a way to balance all these new universes, by using the positive and negative effect of chaos force to keep everything in balance, they crafted a way to spread chaos power through the multiverse, it would rain chaos comets that could release massive amounts of chaos energy in the forms of gems on contact, every 50 years it would rain down in the many galaxies, the victims of these events dubbed it, the chaos storms, one day as Kako meditated he thought that it would be better if he alone carried the full power of the universe that way he could maybe be strong enough and fast enough to catch every comet across every universe and spread it safely, but he needed the negative and positive powers of the chaos force, he tried to convince Nyx by telling him his plan, but Nyx wanted to be the hero of the universe and instead tried to take Kakos’s negative energy , he went to far and killed kaki taking his powers, but he did not account for all the pain it would cause, it was so sever it killed him almost instantly, but Kako predicted this and put his and Nyx’s life force into two special comets, these comets would shoot through each universe every 80 years, and after landing it would rebirth Nyx and Kako chao energy but not their lives, only there consciousness living on in the dreams of the new hosts, only when the both the Nyx and Kako comets crash will these godlike beings be reborn.
Act 3 Sonic Vs Metal Chuck Little planet, formed when möbius was first formed, it’s made up of dirt rocks and phantom rubys, these gems hold the power to shift through time, these gems resting in LP’s core give it the power to travel through time, the residents of LP age fine but the planet it self rests in a relative time period for 10 years, then jumps ahead 100, then back 100 in a constant pattern, this means little planet is a living time capsule and it’s shown in its civilians medical ways, it’s crazy how it uses chaos control to shift above möbius every 20 years, what a coincidence that it is the battle ground for sonic and Metal chuck, but it isn’t in the best shape, most of the gems have been stolen by Mr Robotic, the chain shot through the core of the planet is causing it to break apart by the second, falling debris means falling structures and people, all sonic can do is panic as he hears the screaming of falling mobians as they plummet to the ground with pops of green and crumbled earth surrounding the area
Act 4 Sonic vs Metal Chuck Sonic takes a deep breath “Chuck” says sonic, he turns his back to Metal, facing the edge ready to save those in need, as if chuck were on his side, “look around us, Unc these people need us we-“ WHAM Metal chuck flies into and slams Sonics chest knocking every once of air out of his lungs, sonic falls off the edge of little planet, the world around him going up as he goes down, people around him reaching out to grab him, hoping he can save them, he fades in and out his life flashing before his eyes, he thinks about his earliest memories of rolling down warm breeze of green hills and eating steaming hot chili dogs, and even of playing pretend swords with his imaginary friend, then he snaps back to reality and screams before the once pink, but now swoops in and picks him up on her extreme gear, “what happened to my home Ik yu have something to do with this ” sally cries “I don’t know but I can fix this I can save everyone” sonic pleads, as they rise to the top he jumps off and runs towards Metal chuck “Wait, sally cries “we have to go get out of here we can group up at our new hideout” “hold on says sonic “I gotta save this planet and that little pink hedgehog!”he spurs towards chuck and tries to punch him, “YOUCH” Sonics hand throbs from punching pure Metal duh, chuck throws a jab but sonic slips it countering it with a quick spindash, his blue blur bright as he rips through Metal chuck, chucks emerald gets a little more lose, but then, the emerald glows a bright yellow as if it where a mini sun,he opens his hand and zaps a lightning like blade into his hand “Chaos-Spear” he monotonous “chuck” sonic sighs “I’ve come to the conclusion that you don’t remember the times we played stix, but it’s really a smack in the face that yu remember the swordplay” it feels like his heart will break as he watches chuck then, he quills shoot yo and glow a bright yellow, like a living version of the emerald in front of him, he flame aora electrifing around his body his eyes pop, as he realizes what happened, he looks like he does in his dreams, he looks at chuck, “well,” sonic smirks as he gets low to ready up a superdash let’s see if I can get that emerald out now”
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2021.09.16 21:30 simmonsatl How responsive to dip in gold prices is gold jewlery?

Hey Gold
First time really browing this sub, and my confession is I'm mostly browsing to get a gauge on buying a gold chain.
I saw someone recommend Daniel Jewlery and i like a lot of their pieces. That said, I also found a gold calculator on here and it looks like a lot of their stuff is marked up 40-50% from the price on the calculator. Is that typical? Is there a better place to be looking than Daniel? I want solid gold and know i can trust that business.
Should I just pull the trigger, or will the recent dip be reflected in Daniel's (or elsewhere's) prices?
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2021.09.16 21:30 Fuzzy_Inevitable4966 Any plans to add Harmony One on Bitvavo??

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2021.09.16 21:30 Birllll Diferent price Safemoon Wallet home / chart

I think I understand why the price of the safemoon Wallet home screen is different from the chart... the price of the main screen shows the one hour chart, on the chart 8h, 1 day...
I don't know if anyone has made it clear here but I noticed a lot of people questioning
I could be wrong but is pretty close
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Mitchell BrokeHouse
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I am an attractive 55 wm, very open minded and need a Sacramento local SB to have fun with.
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PSN ID: Mega_Prime7 | Discord: synergy#7839
I’m a friendly PS5 and PS4 gamer that primarily enjoys Grand Theft Auto Online, Fortnite, Red Dead Online, Call of Duty Modern Warfare [2019] // Warzone, NBA 2K22 & NBA2K21, Destiny 2, Call of Duty WWII, Splitgate, Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, MLB The Show 21, Rainbow Six Siege, For Honor, Dead by Daylight, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, The Last of Us 2 & The Last of Us Remastered, The Division 2, Battlefield 5 & 1, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Watch Dogs 2, Rocket League, Apex Legends, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 & 3 (only zombies pretty much though I’ve encountered multiplayer), Friday The 13th, Brawlhalla, etc. In addition, I have plenty of other physical disc games (PS5/PS4) as well as quite a bunch of digital titles stored in my PSN library we can participate in that I’ve experienced before [there are some titles I have not quite explored into great detail yet].
If interested, you may direct message me here on Reddit: I preferably consideseek to add individuals aged 20 and older. I do have a mic headset in order for us to party chat or we can just connect via Discord/PlayStation Messages. With regard to gaming time, I’m more frequently active on weekends and generally online occasionally on certain weekdays.
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2021.09.16 21:30 LSurks What's the most optimal way to use quest boosters?

It's probably pretty obvious but I had a little browse through st central and found nothing really. I generally save my power boosters for events like ToT or LCoG and my xp boosters for leveling new heroes but is there a better use for these?
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