Migraines are terrifying

2021.09.16 20:06 decyphier_ Migraines are terrifying

Back in July I had a migraine that lasted eight days. On day 6, the pain was so bad that I was crying and gagging over the toilet which only increased the pain tenfold. I went to the ER and was originally diagnosed with tension headaches and was prescribed Methocarbamol and Acetaminophen. Both of these including the IV medications they gave me did not work at all.
Since July, I have had migraine attacks that last several days at a time with varying pain. Sometimes it's not terrible and goes away in 2-3 days, other days it lasts 5+ and the pain is awful. Sometimes I will get migraine attacks weekly and others biweekly. Finally I said enough is enough and saw a doctor who then diagnosed me with cluster headaches. I disagreed with this diagnosis because the attacks lasted several days and were not localized to a single part of my head. Regardless, I was prescribed Sumatriptan which did not do anything for when I felt the onset.
I then saw a new doctor two weeks ago who was amazing. He was very frustrated that I was diagnosed with cluster headaches and outright disagreed. Instead, he changed the diagnosis to migraines with aura. He prescribed me with Eletriptan which I take when I feel onset and Propranolol which I take daily. He also ordered an MRI of my head which I will have in two weeks. Finally, he said if these recent prescriptions don't work, come back to him in three weeks and he will refer me to a neurologist.
Today I unfortunately woke up with a pretty terrible migraine, and even after taking my Propranolol and 2x Eletriptan, it still does not want to go away. Migraines are super scary, man. Other than my wife, nobody really understands. This started happening out of nowhere and now I experience it to the point in which it's actually debilitating. When I don't have a migraine, I am thinking about how long it is going to be until I have my next migraine. Will I get it this week? Will I go two weeks without one? Will they STOP happening regularly out of nowhere?
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2021.09.16 20:06 cipioxx Shiba is on coinbase

Shiba is now tradeable on coinbase. I'm not buying any. I don't know what else wrote about it really other than I found it interesting. I wonder if ergo will be listed soon. I also wonder if this is enough characters to show my post. I tried before and failed, but this seems like enough, right?
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2021.09.16 20:06 _lostmemories_ 🔥 beautiful jellyfish

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2021.09.16 20:06 redditgays Get $50 by using my Tangerine bank referral code - 53853936S1 (Canada)

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2021.09.16 20:06 Acetylpsilocin Lost 21(M)

Moved cities to get away from situations I caused (crime related). Unable to stay employed, and find myself growing more bizarre by the day.
Moved in with a 21(F) and while she changes me for the better, I fear i’m bad for her mental health. I’ve gotten sober for her, and became better at controlling my outbursts to ensure she’s okay.
Though being sober makes me realize I’m not okay anymore. Rents approaching, and i’m unemployed. I’m apathetic towards living a normal life, confrontational towards others, but extremely passionate/hardworking towards my dreams.
Could write my life story, but I don’t think it matters at this point. Need some advice on what I should do from here.
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2021.09.16 20:06 Cris120107 PROFF:Fate attenzione ragazzi questo concetto potrebbe servivi per la prossima verifica I RAGAZZI DELL'ULTIMO BANCO:

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2021.09.16 20:06 bot_neen Así fue el espectáculo después del Grito de Independencia en el Zócalo Capitalino

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2021.09.16 20:06 yeshuafackwr Enjoying a cigarette after work 😁

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2021.09.16 20:06 empr3ss1 NYC Chinatown movers?

Anyone have experience with one of these companies? Especially long distance?
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2021.09.16 20:06 VRT49 Lan birisi sabah attığım postu twitter'da paylaşmış.MEŞHUR OLDUM AMK

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2021.09.16 20:06 joobnutsa Yumi Murata (村田有美) - B3 街角で (On the street corner?) - 1980 - Japan

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2021.09.16 20:06 AlphaMonkey724 Look what came today 🤓🦇

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2021.09.16 20:06 Adawakun I have

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2021.09.16 20:06 Cancel-Wise Good eats twins???

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2021.09.16 20:06 IacenDK Citadel Halloween party

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2021.09.16 20:06 Kraylast Looking for a calm game to relax

I'm looking for a game where you just have a good time and chill after a bad day or just to feel better.
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2021.09.16 20:06 VonJanicke So much fun : “Modern sports cars” - road racing event winner fast safe & easy blueprint code : 265 853 679

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2021.09.16 20:06 AdventurousFun198 What is the fastest FH4 backstage car?

Im about to achieve my first backstage pass and I would like to know what backstage car achieves the highest speed. I'm not too worried about how much it sells for (cuz I'm not selling it) or how it compares to the fastest car in FH4. All I need to know is that it is indeed the fastest backstage car. On second thought mabey the top three fastest in order? Thanks 😊
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2021.09.16 20:06 Lordofthehighlands Facebook Threats against cyclists

I live in a small tourist community that has a large amount of cyclists, including road bikers and thousands of tourists who rent bikes. Unfortunately we have several cycling deaths every year.
There is a local “community” Facebook group I’m a member of; in which members regularly post violent comments directed at cyclists and people riding electric scooters. This includes bragging about “not crossing the yellow line” to pass cyclists, gifs/videos of cyclists getting hit, and even threats of gun violence against cyclists.
I’m interested in hearing if anyone else has experienced this in their communities and how you’ve dealt with it?
I’ve tried to have reasonable discussions with people but that gets nowhere. I’ve reported multiple posts for violent threats but that hasn’t changed anything. Should law enforcement be contacted? Screenshots sent to their employers? It’s gotten to the point I don’t feel safe riding my bike in my own neighborhood as these comments are made daily.
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2021.09.16 20:06 BrewCityChaser [SpaceX] The @Inspiration4x crew is healthy, happy, and resting comfortably. Before the crew went to bed, they traveled 5.5 times around Earth, completed their first round of scientific research, and enjoyed a couple of meals

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2021.09.16 20:06 Logical_Box_887 FlokiBUSD just stealth launched,BSC moonshot, automatic busd into your wallet for holding!

🐕 FlokiBUSD Token ($FLOKIBUSD) 🐕

BUSD REFLECTION | STEALTH LAUNCHED | Missed out on Tiki/AkuAku? This is your chance!

$FLOKIBUSD is an automatic BUSD reflection token back by a solid development team! Earn BUSD rewards in spite of a currently volatile market! Honest and Based Dev with a strong community of Members and Admins, energetic 24/7 VC, and strong community support, this project has all the potential for exponential growth! Board the Ship before blastoff!

Our marketing team will be planning for bigger marketing efforts, with the hopes that $FLOKIBUSD will become bigger and greater! Let's make this the ultimate BUSD reflection token a success! $FLOKIBUSD gives AUTOMATIC BUSD REWARDS. 🚀🚀

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Dashboard: WITHIN 2 HOURS

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Purchase: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xee3dec9d4758f0c1c15f25bb3de204ee18c36a44

Contract: 0xee3dec9d4758f0c1c15f25bb3de204ee18c36a44

LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x237Ac5314973Cb114F2D02B8466787e76Ce659D7

Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xee3dec9d4758f0c1c15f25bb3de204ee18c36a44#readContract

Don’t miss out! $FLOKIBUSD to the moon!
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2021.09.16 20:06 alexemmins Everyone join

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2021.09.16 20:06 jindonator Peruvian chicken w/ Fried rice and grilled vegetables

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2021.09.16 20:06 afridi444 * New Ecosystem Token * Long Term Project * Stealth Launched * Only $35,000 Market Cap!!! Get In Before the Store Opens!

Key Info • Company Name : Arkitect • Token Name : Gold • Burn per each transaction : 3% • Redistribution each transaction : 1% • $32,000 market cap as of August 18th • Around 37 initial holders (when you take away ecosystem wallets) • Available only on sushiswap • 10 million tokens minted, currently down to around 9.6 million due to burn. • Stealth Launched to be able to grow organically, slowly, and avoid pump n dumps. • Didnt accept private investors or liquidity managers, in order to preserve market authenticity. Hence only a $32,000 markete cap.
Why Invest In Us?
• Store Discounts : Every $25 of our token qualifies for 2% off, up to a total of 28% off all Arkitect brands in our store. During special sales events, you will be able to pay using only your tokens for a total of 35% off.
• Profits Get Reinvested! : At the end of every month, half the profits the store has made for that month will go back into the network to buy our token. When that happens all members/holders will receive direct deposits of the profits, due to the redistribution mechanism, and we increase the value of our market cap.
• Epochs : We have a wallet set aside, that we put a percentage of all our profits into, where at the end of every month we have whats called an Epoch Event, where we send all the tokens from epoch wallet A, into epoch wallet B. That activates the burn and redistribution mechanisms which acts as a direct deposit to all our members at the end of each month, while simultaneously lowering the total supply.
• Gift Card Program : We will feature sale events where qualifying members can use their tokens to buy from our giftcard store, where we have a selection of Amazon and Wal Mart gift cards ranging from $200 to $2000. You can buy these using your tokens, and get 20% off the giftcard price. So you can buy a $400 Amazon gift card, for $320.
• Missions : We will feature a Missions section on our community site, where members who hold a balance of at least $25 can qualify to do missions, which will be a variety of tasks one can complete and earn extra tokens. Example : Mission : Go to your local park and fill a bag with litter from around the park. Payout : $10 (in tokens).
• 12% of supply set aside for monthly burns. Every month will burn 3% of this supply, and redistribute 1%. • First Burning is happening on the 22nd of this month! • Store Grand Opening will be happening Oct 1st!
Top 10 Wallets
1) Ecosystem Rewards : 1.89 million : 18% 2) Future Liquidity : 1.46 : 14% 3) Epoch Vault : 1.22 million : 12% (1.2 million initial supply, this will go down over time as the wallet gets burned.) 4) Phase 2 Vault : 931k : 9% 5) Team Allocation : 500k : 5% 6) Development Vault : 400k : 4% 7) Missions and KnowledgeHub : 399k : 3.9% 8) Marketing and Partnerships : 360k : 3.6% 9) Philanthropy Vault : 340k : 3% 10) Currently Available to Buy on Sushiswap : 266k (from an initial 1.7 million) : 2.6%
Key Links
Homepage (outdated tokenomics : updating soon)
Community Site (current tokenomics) http://arkitecthub.com/
Network Links http://arkitecthub.com/index.php?threads/network-map-arkitect-links.4/
Shopify Store : • In Development
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2021.09.16 20:06 Spicy_Dentures At least if you are sharing the bread after... don't

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