When Omega is old enough to star dating | fanart

2021.09.16 19:58 shakoribe When Omega is old enough to star dating | fanart

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2021.09.16 19:58 jimthree I'm sure this has been posted before but it's well worth watching. Talk at GDC by Jane Ng about how they built FW (Possible spoilers)

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2021.09.16 19:58 WeakClient4855 Afraid to tell my caseworker that the reason I haven't been home is because my utilities have been shut off and im staying with my aunt because was told if this happened they would take this kids

After I left my abusive ex for the last time in June he followed through on his threat to call CPS on me. The initial visit by the investigator I was told that the caller had said that I'm on drugs and my oldest son is malnourished. These were his exact words he used every time we got into a fight when he would threaten to call CPS on me among other threats. My oldest son is underweight and has been since he was a baby and his doctor is aware of this.
The investigator looked around the house, spoke to my oldest son separately since my youngest is only two, and I explained about his weight which she understood since there is a physical difference in the appearance of a child who is underweight and a child who is malnourished. She said he looked healthy to her, we had plenty of food the pantry/fridge, she was satisfied with everything she found, that I seemed like a good parent, and that everything seems fine and the last thing I needed was a drug screen which I failed. So i was told the kids would stay in the home I'd just have weekly visits with a caseworker and the case will be open a few months. I didn't hear or see anyone else for the next 3 weeks and had begun to think that maybe they decided to go ahead and close it since she had said and acted like everything was fine and was going to close the case if it weren't for that drug screen.
The third week my electricity was shut off after issues with getting assistance through Arkansas rental assistance because my landlord didn't wish to participate. My kids and i stayed with my aunt until i was able to get my utilities reconnected with the help of another program. Dhhs had attempted to stop by twice and left a card both times. My electricity was shut off on a Wednesday and I found cards left in my door Thursday and Friday when I had stopped by my apartment to get more things because by Friday since i knew it would remain shut off for the weekend. On Friday, since I was having a hard time getting assistance and it being the second time they had attempted to see me, I called the number on the card. She did not answer so I left a voicemail explaining the entire situation to her and asking her to call me back if she knew of any other Avenues I could try to get my utilities back on I told her if not that I would not have my utilities reconnected until the following Wednesday and after that they would be able to catch me at home as I'm usually home most of the time during the day. She didn't call me back and I didn't hear from them again until the week after my utilities were reconnected.
That is when weekly visits began with the focus of each visit being a drug screen. I explained to my case worker the problems I was having getting assistance because my landlord didn't agree to the terms for Arkansas rental assistance but didn't seem against the idea of assistance, just the landlord application process. But without landlord participation I could not get Arkansas rental assistance [this was before recent update on the program no longer requiring landlord participation] She said she would help me find alternate programs and brought me a list of places to try that was unhelpful because the first place was for another city and their residents, the second was a place I had told her I had already tried but we're no longer accepting applications, the Third place I hadn't tried but the contact was someone who no longer worked there but with Google I was able to find a good contact number but unfortunately they did not have any funding because funding went to Arkansas rental assistance, and the last place on the list was a church that no longer provided rent or utilities assistance. I had previously told her that I had a feeling that Arkansas rental assistance would be my only option and was unsure oh how to go about contacting my landlord and trying to get her to agree to Arkansas rental assistance because one of the reasons cited in the email she sent me about not accepting the terms was that it required a credit check which I had found out was not the case. So I had expressed to her that I wanted advice on what to say to my landlord to clear up the misconceptions and get her to agree to participate. But she did not offer any advice and only provided me a list of programs I spoke about earlier.
When I was given the case plan I was told and it was listed on the case plan that the reason for agency involvement was due to children having inadequate supervision while playing outside, I was having financial issues, the utilities had been shut off twice during last few months, and concern I was using drugs. That was the first I heard of there being an issue of my kids playing outside [I allowed them to play outside partially unsupervised, when I had to be inside for a minute I'd watch them through my window, check on then outside periodically, and listen for them because I could always here my youngest through the door and knew if I didn't they were probably doing something they weren't supposed to and go check on them. I didn't leave them out there without me for more than five minutes at a time and my children are 2 and 6.] But it didn't surprise me to hear about it as I figured a neighbor had complained about the kids playing in my yard as the neighbor kids would come play there too since I have outside toys and would usually give then a snack and drink if they asked for it. But the neighbor kids would get really loud and usually trash my yard which I tried to pick up as it happened.
Either way, this was far different than what the investigator had originally told me and I was surprised it was only now being mentioned as I'd still been allowing them to play like this since the weekly visits started but if it had been mentioned to me that it was a problem I would have stopped letting them be out there without me. The utilities had been shut off only once and when they were I'd reached out for help and was ignored. Me having financial problems being included as reason for involvement seems unfair because applying for assistance doesn't get a cps case open on parents but they included it as a reason for my case being open when the only original concern they found to be true was me failing a drug screen. Because of this and the fact that a lot of my requests for help or guidance were ignored or only 'handled' by giving me an unhelpful possibly outdated list of rental assistance programs to call, and the focus of each visit seemed to be the drug screen not assisting me or my kids, I had been considering filing an appeal.
Last Wednesday my utilities were shut off a second time [so now the case plan is correct in that] and my kids and I are once again staying with my aunt as I attempt to solve that problem. My case worker has been attempting to contact me for a visit and last week I said I was sick and staying with my aunt so she could help with the kids. Now she's been trying to contact me for this week and I still don't have them reconnected and I'm afraid to tell her this because when I was given the case plan [they said one of the interventions was helping me find rent and utility assistance] I was told they would help me with that because if I got disconnected again they would have to take the kids. She didn't specify if that was only if we were staying there without power or if they would take them just for the fact that they were disconnected regardless of if we were staying with family so they weren't in an unsafe environment. I don't know what to do as I'm aware it's not good to avoid my caseworker but I'm unsure if she would try to help me get them reconnected and be satisfied that I'm not keeping the kids in an apartment without electricity or take the kids because she hasn't been that helpful up until now.
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2021.09.16 19:58 Ottawabike789 Camp Fortune Downhill Mountain Biking

Hello BikeinOttawa,
I am interested in going downhill mountain biking up at Camp Fortune. I used to ride a lot of downhill in my late teens (about 15 years ago) and have not done so since then.
Although I like to think I was pretty good back then, it has been a while and I am in a different stage of life. In other words, I am not in a rush to race down the most technical trails the hill has to offer. I just want to have some fun.
Unfortunately, since I have been off the bike so long, I don't really know anyone in the community anymore. I was wondering if there was someone that frequents Fortune that would be happy to let me tag along on some of the easier downhill trails. I am thinking of going up either the 25th or 2nd. If you are interested or can think of somewhere else I may have luck connecting with someone, please DM me.
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2021.09.16 19:58 kimsbackup Thoughts?

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2021.09.16 19:58 Mandydeth EVA 01 as FR0G.

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2021.09.16 19:58 dusernhhh So close.... I actually have to work today, I request for somebody to monitor the situation and get the screenshot. We only have one shot at this.

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2021.09.16 19:58 Telephone-Informal Booggz Summer Sixteen Freestyle

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2021.09.16 19:58 012789x I dOn't nEeD yOur aPprOval

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2021.09.16 19:58 mmarim_cauchy CK2 War tips

I'm returning for CK2 and I would like some tips for wars and battles. I always felt that no matter what you do, who has the bigger army always win. So what you guys do in the game to make it more interesting and realist?
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2021.09.16 19:58 Roanhouse uncle iroh cosplay from Rosecity Comic con

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2021.09.16 19:58 robotpoet Must try fast food joints in Reykjavik?

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2021.09.16 19:58 GamePil Can I put DXM into a time/delayed-release capsule to emulate Delsym?

So this might be a stupid question but in Germany DXM only exists as HBr so I can't get the Delsym 12h stuff. I've been thinking if it would be possible to use a delayed release capsule (literally called Retardkapseln in German) filled with a higher amount of DXM HBr to get a similar effect. Like if instead of taking 450mg of HBr I'd but like 900 in one of those slow release capsules and take it that way to have a long trip. Would that work or is there more to it?
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2021.09.16 19:58 MadeAnAltForThisSub Sussy balls

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2021.09.16 19:58 poppint Legitimately couldn't stop laughing for a good few minutes.

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2021.09.16 19:58 Necessary-Poet-2608 This ugly rip off of cars bed pattern

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2021.09.16 19:58 SomeCruzDude [Yang] Hello hello, UEFA Women's World Cup qualifying on Paramount+ [in the US]. Here's the schedule they just sent out: (includes England matches)

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2021.09.16 19:58 CodesAndCardsPro [GameNerdz] Battle Styles Booster Box (Bulk Discounts) - $102.97 + Free Shipping

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2021.09.16 19:58 KingNebbachadnezzer This guy claiming that he gets all his food from homesteading & still believes that he’s banned from performing anywhere rather than admitting that nobody wants to pay to see his show

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2021.09.16 19:58 mmortezz So is it open for all Playstation users or only for those who pre-ordered?

Like in the title. Is today's beta starts for all playstation players or only for the ones who pre-ordered? According to this site - https://www.callofduty.com/vanguard/beta it should be available for everyone but for some reason I can't connect. Keeps getting message with connection failure and with thanks for playing in Alpha.. wtf?
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2021.09.16 19:58 Meepy_4 The Immune System, Peter Parham, W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. Publishing, 5th edition.

Hey guys! Does anyone have a downloadable version of this textbook? Thanks!
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2021.09.16 19:58 MrPriyatno I need help with translating. :-)

I do need help with these sentences;
"You shall enjoy life as long as you can, but remember; you will die."
"You shall remember death, but you may enjoy life."
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2021.09.16 19:58 Insanetothebrain Smylez - Think He JoJo (JoJo Day 2015) | Dir. By Ogún Pleas

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2021.09.16 19:58 rfaye274 am i overthinking this??

about a month into my boyfriend and i’s relationship i flirted with a guy .. it was only one conversation and i blocked him right after .. ever since then i haven’t done it but i still feel guilty .. we’ve been dating for almost 5 months now
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2021.09.16 19:58 tomciz Who to start

Need a flex spot recommendation
View Poll
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