2021.09.16 19:51 CoronaBeer51 Opinions?

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2021.09.16 19:51 imakemediocreart Maze 2.0 [Portra 400 + Nimslo]

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2021.09.16 19:51 marcus___69 what is the red bulb looking plant?

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2021.09.16 19:51 Satoshi_2030 My favorite tweet of all time

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2021.09.16 19:51 mx_nxmxs_xngxl Rolling Stone: The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time (2021)

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2021.09.16 19:51 Voce_de_Porao Mogus

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2021.09.16 19:51 BabyYodaIsGod42069 They account for 80% of the grilled cheese sandwich market.

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2021.09.16 19:51 reddit_feed_bot DLoesch: RT @chiproytx: This is not the only treatment we want to be widely available - we demand answers. https://t.co/grxYaBS8HC

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2021.09.16 19:51 inkDemon99 How can I still experience P.T. today?

I missed the boat back when P.T. was available on the PSN, but now I am looking into ways in which I can still experience it. I understand that there are a few emulations of P.T. and games based on it out there, but I thought I would reach out to the community for advice on which direction(s) to go in for the best experience(s).
NOTE: If said direction(s) point to PC emulation, please limit the list down to stuff for Windows.
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2021.09.16 19:51 Karma_Canuck Review of Oshawa by-law department says more staff needed

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2021.09.16 19:51 iamsadbutthatsok buddha Phoenix and sand for dragon

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2021.09.16 19:51 TeenagerReviews Rise of the Legion Cancelled

We have come to the decision to cancel Rise of the Legion. The events of the story still happened, but we think it works better to allude to what happened and YOU make an interpretation instead of writing a boring story about superheroes punching each other with a lot of destruction.
As the only writer for Rise of the Legion, I just saw that it wasn't working the way I wanted it to. So it was really my call to cancel it. I didn't like where it was going, and I knew my heart wasn't in it. I would be doing the sub a disservice to release it. The event is still incredibly important however, so now all our stories will tease what truly happened, and you can piece together the truth.

Batman #1, Nightwing #1 and Wonder Woman #1 will still be releasing this October, maybe earlier depending on when we finish the stories.
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2021.09.16 19:51 SomeGuyCalledAlec Which DLC should I buy?

I saw that HOI4 DLC's are on discount on Steam so i want to buy one of them (because i've always played in vanilla). Which one is the best to buy? Do you recommend buying more than one?
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2021.09.16 19:51 EddieEddie90 Steam Rom Manager saving app list succesfully, but games won't appear on steam after a restart.

I have run into this issue several times, not sure why it happens. Basically I always save the app list and then the games appear on steam, but after turning the computer off and on again seems to delete the game list, because the games won't appear anymore unless I start SRM and generate the app list again.
In some rare cases, the games prevail on steam, but that's not always the case. Does anyone knows if there's a workaround for this? Thanks.
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2021.09.16 19:51 razorangel Need help for verifying women's script translation before I get a a tattoo (or is are glyphs a viable option?)

Next week I'll be going to get a tattoo and to remember a special past relationship I would like to have "Until my heart dies" tattooed, but as a Sanderson geek I would love to have it written in women's script. I found and online translator which gave me this and I just wanted to check with others that I'm not missing something about the way women's script is used before I do it.
For those in the know, do the glyphs exist to be able to do it as a glyph instead without it coming out as "wait for heart death"? If
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2021.09.16 19:51 Ff_472 I think it’s people rly like this game xD

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2021.09.16 19:51 Alarmed-Mastodon2618 This is my account 😀

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2021.09.16 19:51 therockstar3607 I found a speed trick shot

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2021.09.16 19:51 CesarDMTXD Why do I have two consoles opened whenever I start a Minecraft Server in 1.16+

Why do I have two consoles opened whenever I start a Minecraft Server in 1.16+ This is strange because whenever I start my server on 1.8, it only shows the command prompt console, but in 1.16 is different, because there's a Java tab open.....
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2021.09.16 19:51 AnnieJackson06 Dogecoin Trademark Battle: Dogecoin Foundation Has Filed for Trademark in the US

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2021.09.16 19:51 Bushidosann CKS Study group

Hi everyone,
I am currently busy with prepping for the CKS and I was curious if there was a discord channel or subreddit that is focused on this?
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2021.09.16 19:51 ultrataco77 Is Kershaw worth using?

I’m just ab to finish my final collection to get Kershaw. I know there’s the whole crisis about H/9, but for those who got him before me (or played against him a few times) is Kersh even worth plugging in the rotation?
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2021.09.16 19:51 tickleonmyfatpickle Price check. Responder Fireman Uniform

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2021.09.16 19:51 -The_Grim_Reaper Wait where tf is the Hungergames dud

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2021.09.16 19:51 ShockingMaster [Almarant] Crown the Clown, General Thane

Basic Info Name: Crown the Clown
Class: General
Theme Voyageur - Pierre Nesta
Description Reference
Age: 53
Height: 6'3
Hair Color: Grey (Wears a blue wig when he performs)
Backstory Crown grew up with the water tribe, the very same one that Anchor came from. The two worked together to run away from the tribe and find new lives to form the Anchored Pirate Crew. As a trusted and capable friend of Anchor's, Crown took on the position of Quartermaster on the crew, essentially running and maintaining everything on the ship while Anchor could focus on leading.
Once Anchor had retired, all eyes fell on Crown to take charge as the new captain of the crew. And captain the crew he did, for about 10 more years until he too felt he'd had enough and retired in Zephros. Here, he set up a comedy club called "The Contempt Content" in the notorious copper district. While it seems to be just any old bar or tavern and although Crown does come on stage often to deliver his comedy routine, the comedy club was set up with the intent of being a hub of black market information trade and activities. All one needs to bypass the front would be to refer to oneself as a "Con Artist." Such was the code, and the method of exercising the connections and influence Crown had gained in the copper district as a pirate. This was all of course thanks to the senate not paying too much attention and even looking the other way, given some... help from the comedy club. And now was the time to help the senate. The Kingdom seemed to be trying to restore the senate somehow or another, after having survived the massacre in Torma Tower. Perhaps these scurvy rapscallions who'd just freed him from his chains would be worth helping restore Zephros.
Personality Crown the Clown was given his alias on the crew due to his simple nature. After poking fun at a crew member, Anchor had overheard his humor and remarked, "Out of all the clowns in Almarant, you take the Crown." The mix of irony with the pirate life and the connotation of the word 'Crown' stuck with the crew and Crown playfully took up the nickname.
Given a chance, a joke formulated within his mind would be spoken out without regard for time, place, or manners. Such regard was not a concern on the ship, and Crown grew to love and embrace the feeling of freedom from not holding back his tongue, whether the joke is at the expense of others or even himself.

Theorycraft Link Crown the Clown
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